Dr. Antún Speaking Out on the Dangers of Silicone Injections

Renowned Miami doctor, Dr. Rafael Antún, is sounding the alarm on the hazards of silicone injections that are too often used in various cosmetic procedures. A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), Dr. Antún has 35 years of surgical experience under his belt, becoming known for being the first surgeon to perform a radical prostatectomy for a heart transplant recipient.

Dangers of Liquid Silicone Injections

Dr. Antún is extremely concerned about the prevalence of dangerous materials used in cosmetic procedures, such as liquid silicone. Certain unethical and unqualified practitioners have been using invasive foreign materials that are injected and then rejected by the body. This leads to a host of extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects for the unfortunate patients involved.

Dr. Antún has refined a variety of minimally invasive procedures that allow him to safely and effectively extract materials like biopolymers from patients who have been the victim of unethical practitioners. 

Dr. Antún has dedicated the last 15 years of his life in performing this life-changing work for those who desperately need it. His goal is helping patients resume a healthier and happier life, working closely with patients so that they can finally obtain the naturally beautiful results that they truly deserve.

Silicone and Biopolymers Injections

Anything that does not naturally belong in the body is defined as a foreign substance. Many of these substances are unethically used in various cosmetic procedures. They may include silicone, vegetable oil, synthetic oil, olive and baby oil, as well as cement and certain petroleum-based materials.

These foreign substances are not approved by the FDA. Unethical practitioners inject them into different parts of the body for cosmetic procedures. They are commonly used for procedures involving the breasts, face, abdomen, buttocks or genitals.

Risks of Injected Foreign Materials

Our bodies were designed to only accept certain substances within them. The human body is unable to incorporate foreign materials, leading to eventual rejection and a severe reaction. The body may respond to this type of injury through inflammation, severe pain, skin hardening, rashes, sagging or necrosis.

Dr. Antún has consulted with many patients who have found that these injected materials have migrated to areas beyond where they were initially injected, leading to even more damage on a systemic basis. He cautions that early extraction is extremely important to ensure that the patient heals properly and completely.

Areas of Removal Of Silicone Injection Removal

According to Dr. Antún, injected silicone can be removed from places like the breasts, face, or buttocks. He has witnessed many patients dealing with extreme reactions to the injection of foreign substances in all of these areas.

Dr. Antún has developed procedures that help to safely remove dangerous injected substances. He can then reconstruct the breasts aesthetically using completely safe, high-quality implants.

Silicone Removal Open Surgery Not Recommended

Dr. Antún strongly feels that surgically removing biopolymers is not advisable for the vast majority of affected patients. In addition to leading to excessive scarring, using open surgery for the removal of these foreign substances can lead to problems like nerve damage, deformities and other adverse events.

The method used by Dr. Antún ensures that elaborate surgery and downtime is not needed. It assists the patient in restoring the comfort, health and natural appearance that they once enjoyed without unfortunate lifestyle interruptions.

Dr. Antún’s Cool Laser Removal Technique

Dr. Antún of HD Esthetique is making the public aware of the availability of his special Cool Laser removal method for anyone who wants to eliminate silicone and biopolymers from their bodies.

This innovative system relies upon the use of a laser emitting light energy into the treatment area, liquefying foreign substances that can then be safely vacuumed away. He says that the complexity of each individual case depends upon numerous factors, including the overall condition of the patient and how they have reacted to the presence of foreign materials.


Dr. Antún is advising anyone who has been harmed by the injection of foreign materials like biopolymers and silicone to reach out to him for a complete examination so that it can be determined how these materials can be safely removed, allowing patients to reclaim both their health and appearance.

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