Silicone Injections Can Cause Asia Syndrome

What is ASIA Syndrome?

It is an autoimmune inflammatory syndrome that is induced by adjuvants (ASIA) was introduced in 2011 by an Israeli immunologist, Yehuda Shoenfeld. The immunologist depicted that the Shoenfeld syndrome typically has four conditions. Shoenfeld suggested that this syndrome is caused by adjuvants such as pristine, aluminum, silicone, and tetramethylpentadecane.  However, no proper relationship can be proved as only a small number of people get this syndrome. 

How do Adjuvants cause ASIA Syndrome?

The adjuvants are added into the vaccine to aid in the production of antibodies to increase the immune response. They are also used to enhance the effect of a particular type of cell depending upon the type of vaccine. Adjuvants boost the immunogenicity by increasing the humoral immunity and inflammatory reaction in the body.

How do Silicone Injections cause ASIA Syndrome?

Silicone is one of the adjuvants that is excessively used in cosmetology and has found to have some association with the ASIA syndrome. Typically, the silicone injections in the body lead to increasing C-reactive proteins after surgery. 

The adjuvant has the capability of diffusing through a connective tissue capsule, which can enhance the immunogenic collagen membrane formation and boost chronic immune responses. There has not been much evidence on the topic, which is why it remains questionable.

Health Complications Associated with Silicone Injections

Silicone injections are associated with many health complications. The most complications are as follows:

  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Ongoing pain
  •  Kidney failure
  • Inflammation
  • Nerve damage
  • Abnormal nodules
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding

Future of ASIA Syndrome

There has been a common misconception that silicone does not travel through the body as there is no leakage from silicone implants, but that is not true. Nanoparticles of silicone can travel through the body, and due to the wide usage of silicone implants, the risk of developing ASIA syndrome can be high. Although the syndrome is rare, its prevalence is more with people with gene HLA-DRB1

Using this information, testing for ASIA syndrome can become easier through the gene composition of the person. In such cases, the vaccines could be composed of other adjuvants that do not make the person be at risk of developing ASIA syndrome. 

In this way, the patients will not have to suffer severe side-effects. More efforts should be placed to discover and formulate adjuvants that do not cause severe autoimmune responses in people. Vaccines are spread worldwide, so developing adjuvants can lower the potential side-effects in a large number of people. 


Silicone injections are very harmful and lead to many health problems. FDA has also issued warnings against the use of silicone injections for body contouring and enhancement due to severe side effects. ASIA syndrome is often caused by the transfer of silicone through silicone injections, which travel to the pulmonary capillaries. Silicone injections are widely used in the cosmetic industry for various purposes.

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