Expert Silicone Injection Removal in Miami & Coral Gables

Removal of Illegal Injections: Silicone, Dermal Fillers, Butt Fillers, Breast Fillers, Lip Fillers, Hydrogel and all foreign materials from body, face, lips and buttocks.

Biopolymers are composed of invasive foreign bodies; usually synthetic oils, vegetable oils or petroleum- based materials. These foreign bodies are eventually rejected and begin to cause serious issues including pain, skin discolorations, rashes, hardening, sagging, discomfort, dangerous product migration, necrosis and possible death. Dr. Antun is a world-recognized physician for his ground-breaking work fighting against the illegal use of biopolymers and the harmful effects caused by the injections of foreign bodies in body, face, lips, and gluteus. During the last 15 years, he has treated over 3500 patients and has extracted biopolymers that include: hydrogel, PMMA, Aqua gel, synthetic oils, cements, alcamed, silica, silicone, and other injectable substances. The surgery center/ operating room is a certified State of Florida facility. The aestheticians are Florida licensed, certified and experienced providers. Treatments are minimally invasive and aimed to keep the patients comfortable with minimal pain and minimal scarring. Dr. Antun has a world-renowned success rate with only 1% of patients requiring secondary surgeries.

Biopolymer Advanced Treatment

Cool Laser Treatment for Biopolymers and Acoustic Wave Therapy

Dr. Antun offers minimally invasive treatments which include revolutionary cool laser techniques and complimentary treatments, such as Acoustic Wave Therapy. These cool laser techniques emit the necessary energy to the affected areas to loosen the foreign bodies. Once loosened, the foreign bodies are suctioned out of the body. Patients seeking minimally invasive treatments with little pain or discomfort should call Dr. Antun today for a consultation with him and his fully qualified staff of certified aestheticians. 

Who are the candidates for Cool Laser procedure?

The Cool Laser treatment is most suitable for patients who have experienced a negative bodily reaction to biopolymers or foreign substances. Patients who have received “permanent” fillers such as biopolymers, bio gels, economic hyaluronic acids, expansive cells, bio fill, methacrylate and other invasive materials not approved by the FDA are in danger of severe inflammations and other harmful effects. If you have received injections and are suffering from pain, discomfort, deformities, hardening, or associated symptoms, you are most likely a candidate for treatment. In an in-depth consultation, Dr. Antún will assess your condition and suitability to ensure you are treated correctly and effectively.

If you are experiencing side effects as a result of biopolymer injections, take the first step to restoring your health by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Antún’s team today at 305-668-2853.


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